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We are Often Asked What We Do For Our Fee…

Many residents think that the role of the managing agent is simply to send out bills and pay contractors. Residential management involves a lot more than this – we are responsible for maintaining and enhancing the value of your investment and ensuring you are safe and comfortable in the surroundings of your home. Our main duties are summarised as follows:-

  • Maintain a full financial service from budgeting, collection of service charge and ground rent, payment of contractors, preparation of interim financial reports and draft annual accounts.
  • Appointing and supervising local reliable contractors for routine servicing and maintenance.
  • Providing a point of contact for residents and dealing promptly and courteously with questions, queries and problems relating to the property.
  • Operating a work and purchase order system for the property to ensure that for the property to ensure that contractors are formally instructed, supervised and promptly paid.
  • Undertake routine inspections of the property, both internally and externally.
  • Arranging and monitoring buildings insurance. Dealing with claims. We also arrange directors and officers insurance, lift engineering insurance and terrorism cover.
  • Arranging and attending meetings with resident directors and other residents in order to discuss the management of the building and maintain a good working relationship with our client.
  • Preparation of specifications, obtaining tenders and instructing major works and special projects and working with other professionals and specialists.
  • Ensuring the property complies with current fire, electrical and other safety regulations in order to protect occupants and contractors.
  • To always listen to the views of residents and act in their best interest.